About Us

Pranada presents to you a perfect blend of Health & Taste, Vit n Rich - a luscious Guilt-Free Indulgence. With the promise of no added sugar, our fine delights are crafted to enhance your mood and immunity! Celebrating the love of delight, we know we play an important role during your joyous times. Hence, Vit n Rich Chocobites are made for everyone to savour! From a toddler to an old man, our almond rich delights are for everyone who has a sweet tooth!

Reeling on the inspiration to always take you away from the ordinary, we make premium Choco bites, promising you pure lusciousness that will swoon you over!

Our Choco bites have no added sugar and is made with an artificial sweetener Maltitol, which is about 90% as sweet as sugar, non-cariogenic, and significantly reduced in calories.

Our Almond bites are infused with 5 Billion CFU Probiotics, Milk Calcium, and each serving contains 100% of the daily recommended amounts of Calcium, Magnesium, Vitamin E, Vitamin A, Folic Acid, Vitamin D3, Vitamin D2, Vitamin B12, Silicon Dioxide and DL Alpha Tocopherol to keep you energized throughout the day!

We thrive on making not just Choco Delights, but the finest Choco bites, using ingredients that are not only appetising but also rich. We have a range that is carved to fit your occasions to perfection, wrapped to offer you a delightful guilt-free indulgence.

We assure you an experience of a healthy & delicious affair like never before.